Best Practice: Consortium for Complex Operations

CCO Document cover. Consortium for Complex Organizatins. Enhancing the U.S. Government's ability to prepare for Complex Operations.

The Consortium for Complex Operations (CCO) is an interagency collaborative forum between the Department of Defense, Department of State, and United States Agency for International Development. The CCO focus is collaboration on stability operations, counterinsurgency, and irregular warfare issues.

The CCO is helping to develop a network of civilian and military educators, trainers, and lessons learned practitioners dedicated to improving education and training for complex operations. The goal of the CCO is to serve as an information clearinghouse in order to cultivate a civil-military community of practice for complex operations training and education. The CCO has hosted an interagency conference bringing together military, civilian and academic education providers and thought leaders, interagency complex operations doctrine review workshops, and various events to enhance complex operations training and education.

The CCO completed a survey of U.S. government (military and civilian) and academic courses related to complex operations, providing visibility into over 700 courses, events and institutions. In addition, the CCO launched a community of practice portal— This portal hosts searchable catalogues of complex operations curricula, training and education institutions, a directory of training and education experts, and an annotated complex operations events calendar. Finally, the CCO portal serves as an online networking tool, where the community of practice can share emerging thought, theory and practices in the discussion fora, and where complex operations experts provide commentary in the featured blogs.